JANUARY 2, 2015

Hello there! Our first show in 2015 is a "BondiTunes International Rewind" show, looking back at our very best interviews over the past 4 years. Here's the rundown!


Contents of Hour One below.

d Rachel Brunsden did an interview with "Dolly Fossel", AKA the late, great Bob Gallico. This is hilarious!

d North Carolina Correspondent Calabash Flash features the best of Carolina Beach Music, and this week it's all about Barbara Lewis.

dLeigh G. Banks recorded his story about life in Shropshire, or as he calls it, "The village of the damned!" He talks about his haunted home and his crazy friend and neighbour, Ozzie Osbourne!

colinColin Ahearn, our West Australian Correspondent was in Bali in 2011, and interviewed Brando Jesse in America- from a project called Bridgewatch - which addresses the issue of people who suicide by jumping off The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and the help they can get at the last minute to save their lives.

phillyPhilly Dave is our Philadelphia Correspondent and two years ago he recorded a piece about Father Day.



Contents of Hour Two below.

colin From 2011, our Melbourne Correspondent Adam Devlin features as his Pick Of The Week, Amy Winehouse, who died two weeks after I talked to him, and he predicted her death. Very strange.

xIn December 2012 I caught up with Ken O'Sullivan in Lanzarote and we discussed a number of current issues at the time. This is followed by Ken's interview with singer Hazel Dean.

irelandFrom Dublin, singer, songwrite and producer extraordinaire Andrew Skelton reports to us on how he puts his talents to work. Brilliant stuff!

louiseIn 2012, I crossed to London to talk to Louise Davies about tennis player Andy Murray winning Wimbeldon.

ggThe late great broadcaster Bob Gallico recorded so much material for BondiTunes in the last three yearsa of his life. This is a piece from his series "Double Number Ones" featuring th song "Can't buy me love".



Contents of Hour Three below.

gg Bondi Blues, a song written and sung by our North Caroilina Correspondent Calabash Flash.

irelandOur man in Dublin Declan Hughes features in his musical choice, PHD and their one hit wonder "I won't let you down".

ggIn July 2012 I crossed to New York to talk with our correspondent there Donald Mannion to talk about life in America and his music career.

colinFrom January 2013 I crossed to Peter Herman from Peakhill 98.5FM in New South Wales about the celebration of Elvis Presley in the town of Parkes. This is a festival where people dressed as Elvis flock into the town for a weekend of fun!

colinOur West Australia Correspondent is Colin Ahearn, and this is the very first interview with each other. We were so polite in this interview!

xI crossed for the first ever time to our then new Israeli Correspondent Mike Brand about turmoil in the region between Israel and Hamas


Performed by Calabash Flash