APRIL 10, 2015

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april 10

dI catch up with Multi Modality Natural Health Practitioner Debi Carmi in London to talk about NLP and Havening techniques to help people improve their lives. It's fascinating and this is part one of a two part interview.

sKeith Mills is an Irish Gay activist and member of "Mothers and Fathers Matter", an organisation that believes same sex marriage is wrong, in the light of a referendum coming up soon in Ireland to decide if it should be made legal. The referendum is on May 22nd.

sBack here in Australia it was time to talk wine! Wine Educator Christine Ricketts comes on the line here in Sydney to chat about her experience as a wine educator. This is part one of a two part interview.

hour 2

ronanOur Canadian Correspondent Ronan Segrave comes on the line from Vancouver to discuss the latest issues in the region, socially and in politics. He has some great stories this week! He met Chelsea Clinton. I'm jealous!

sFrom Peakhill 89.5FM in New South Wales, Australia, Peter Herman is back on the show. But he's in Melbourne. How much does he hate Melbourne and why is he there, listen to find out!


threeBack to Debi Carmi in London with Part Two of our interview.

sBack to Christine Ricketts in Sydney with Part Two of our interview.

fCalabash Flash from North Carolina USA features "Out Of Towners", yet another fantastic band from Carolina!


Performed by Calabash Flash