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Adam Devlin, Melbourne
Adm Devlin, Melbourne, Australia
RRachel Brunsden, Canberra, Australia
Rachel Brunsden
RDeclan Hughes, Dublin Declan Hughes
Dawn Drost, Orlando,Florida Dawn Drost
Ronan Segrave, Winnipeg, Canada Ronan Segrave
Henry O'Donovan, Sydney, Australia Henry
TThomas Booker, San Antonio, Texas Thomas Booker
PPeter Herman, Canberra, Australia Peter Hermen

LLing Pang, Leicester, UK

Ling Pang

Melissa Grima, Melbourne, Australia

Melissa Grima

Melbourne, Australia

I am a writer/correspondent based in Melbourne, Australia. I have a keen sense for all thing political, as BondiTunes Political Correspondent, I offer an original insight into the machinations of Australia’s Federal Parliament. Aside from politics, I am a pop culture/music historian, with contributions of my work being included in several book including “Australasian Anthology of New Poets”, “We Can Be Who We Are: Movie Musicals from the 1970’s” and “Hell Hath No Fury: The Making of Christine”. I have also written/co-written numerous film & TV scripts, including projects for ARTV & Beg Borrow or Steal Productions. I contribute a musical “Pick of the Week” for Bondi Tunes, where I do a deep dive into a song and its artist on a regular basis.

San Antonio, Texas, USA

I have lived too much of my life between New Orleans, Houston, and San Antonio. Circumstances, and opportunities have kept me in this small realm. I have worked in the R&D world, helped build instruments to probe the unseen physics around our planet, saw rocket launches great and small, but I was always here in central Texas. I know there are other cultures, I am friends with people 'round the world. There is a greater good, and a greater future, but I fight my way to it in the small little region of San Antonio, de Bejar.


"I am originally from Ireland and dabbled in pirate radio in its golden area in the 1980s. I moved into the rather different world of healthcare management in the 1990s and lived in England for nearly 20 years. I had assumed I would live out my days commuting in and out of London until....an unexpected job offer in Canada...where I moved, lock, stock and barrel with my wife and daughter in 2013. Based in Vancouver (although often on planes to and from Toronto!), I am proud to be Bondi-Tunes's Canadian correspondent covering not just current affairs but the challenges of a 40 something bloke adapting to life in a new continent.  My interests include trying to keep up with my 7 year old daughter, spending too much time on Facebook and watching hockey."

Dawn DrostfghDAWN DROST
Orlando, Florida, USA

I grew up in Sacramento, CA, where I enjoyed doing theater in high school. I studied Business in college, while also working for The Disney Store. In 2001, I began working with Sacramento Therapeutic Recreation Services, where I was a program coordinator, creating and executing inclusionary programs for adults with disabilities. I also was a coach for the Sacramento Chargers Special Olympics Bowling team and the volunteer coordinator for Eppie's Great Race, the World's Oldest Triathlon, where I was responsible for recruiting and assigning 1,500 volunteers annually.

I was one of six chosen out of ten thousand applicants to open Sacramento's new jetBlue Airways station. I worked as a ground security coordinator, station trainer, and luggage officer. When my Disney Store closed in 2004, I moved to Orlando, FL, where I began working for the Walt Disney Travel Company as a Consumer Travel Industry Sales Leader. I remained in that position until I had my first child in 2007, as she is Autistic and severely epileptic, I resigned my position to stay home and care for her full time. In 2009, I had my son, who is mildly epileptic.

After befriending the enchanting Rachel Brunsden on Facebook, I was given the pleasure of joining her on her radio show, Let's Do Lunch With Rachel. I enjoyed every minute of that experience, and thanks to her referral and the marvelous Henry O'Donovan, I now have the distinct privilege of becoming Bonditunes International's new North American Correspondent. I look forward to working with Bonditunes, informing and entertaining you in the months to come!

Sydney, Australia

Where do I start? I am an Irish broadcaster trapped in the greatest country in the world, Australia! I worked with Bob Gallico as a newsreader on the great Radio Nova in Ireland back in the eiighties. I had worked on many stations there until moving to OZ. Over 4 years ago I started doing some voice work for Replay Radio in the UK, an online radio station. Before I knew it I was doing an hourly show for this fabulous station. |

Then I started being more particular, and created BondiTunes Seventies PLUS, all seventies music for an hour, aswell as my usual one hour show with music from many decades. I decided to create a chat show, where I could interview other people around the world. I also decided that they should be able to interview singers and entertainers. We called this BondiTunes CHAT. It was one hour long - but not for long! It was going down so well, Replay Radio allowed me a second hour. Then a third hour. So I recuited more of what I call 'correspondents'.

I also changed the name to BondiTunes Music and Chat. Now we have 22 correspondents all over the world. Our shows air on 10 radio stations, from New Zealand and Australia to The USA, and of course, Europe! I owe all this to Replay Radio who got me off my arse and back into Radio. We are not your typical radio show. We are more "liberal" shall I say? WE ARE FREE RADIO, and by free, I mean bullshit-free. There are too many stations out there tip-toeing over issues, controlled by men in suits, and advertisers. We don't have those restrictions. Our correspondents range from experienced broadcasters to people who have never been in front of a mic before. They are, to use an old-fashioned word, terrific! The show is rich in culture, music, frivolity, and fun! So, enjoy!

Canberra, Australia

I grew up in a theatrical and musical household and caught the acting bug very early in life. By the time i was 12 I was a professional child actor in theatre and television. I was approached by a commercial radio station in the late 90's to host a 2 hour “chat” show with a fantastic co-host and the show lasted for a fun filled year. I enjoyed the medium as it allowed me to go to work in my PJ’s and look like a train wreck if I so wished… Perhaps that is why I am BACK….behind the mic with my dear friend of many years Henry O’Donovan on the highly successful Bonditunes International Henry has coaxed me to leap out on my own after the success she has gained as part of the Bonditunes team…

Leicester, United Kiingdom

I was born in Guangdong, Mainland China, one of 5 brothers and sisters. I spent my early childhood in China and Hong Kong during the 1960s, where I attended schools and learnt about their fascinating customs, traditions and cultures that have had a great influence on me. I subsequently immigrated to the United Kingdom in South Wales with my family in the early 1970s and continued with my education, while my parents were managing a family run business.

I'm a businesswoman and formerly involved in a number of family run businesses in food, arts & crafts, footwear wholesale and distribution between China and UK. I had also worked in my local government department for 2 years at The Leicestershire County Council which involved in training people from the Youth Training Scheme.

I became interested in radio broadcasting since the age of 9, after listening to various interesting radio programmes while still living in Hong Kong. However my life and career path took different directions, much of it being a housewife and a mother of 2 children. It was at a chance meeting with the producers of my local radio station - 103FM THE EYE - one day in November 2013 where my son was hosting a weekly show, when the producers surprised me and invited me to join their radio presenting team and host my own weekly show on Tuesdays which features music mix, miscellaneous topics, interviewing guests from TV personalities, musicians, artists, local businesses and charitable organisations.  I was presented with ‘The Special Services Award for Training New Presenters' on 23 December 2016 by 103FM The Eye.

In 2016, I discovered Bonditunes International on Facebook and friended Henry O'Donovan after becoming impressed by their professional broadcasting network and the opportunity of being interviewed by Henry. Today I am very proud to be the UK Correspondent for Bonditunes International.

Peter HermengPeter W. Herman
Canberra, Australia

I was born in Adelaide St Australia in the late 1940's
My late father was a serviceman with the RAAF and he died whilst in uniform. I spent some time in Malaysia,Thailand,Japan and Singapore before coming home in late 1960's I started my radio career at the old 3AK which is now SEN.I was introduced to electronics back in early 1960's,when I built my first crystal set and had an old shortwave radio,most times tuned into Radio Australia. I obtained by BOCP/TVOCP back in the 1960's but these days they mean nothing at all,so I am back at Tech doing my E & C (Electronics & Communications Certificate).